Teach kids how to make an app

App Development for Kids

Mobile app builders and platforms for kids are effective, engaging, easy to use, and fun. Kids can also engage in several app development projects. Some of the projects include Space Odyssey, My Kitty, Hello World, etc.

How to Teach Kids to Make An App

The following is an overview guide of how kids can use Swift and Objective-C to enable them to create apps.

Learn the Language

he language used for iOS differs from that of Android. Mobile app development is impossible without knowing how to code. Teachers should ensure that their kids learn how to code. Swift is the best-recommended app for Apple devices.


After learning the programming language, kids can proceed to the next step, which is intent. This is an important part of kids learning how to create apps. Intent, also called strategy, refers to the objective behind creating the app.

Design & Interface

This is where the user interface and experience come into play. Kids can create a simple draft of what they want the app to be like when users open it. Here, teachers can guide kids to choose the colors, layout, content, and overall design for the app.


The App. This is the next stage after creating the draft of your app’s interface. Here, kids will apply their knowledge of coding. Since it is an iOS app, kids will code the app using Swift programming language.


You must test your app before releasing it for public consumption. While testing, you can watch out for functionality errors, button errors, bugs, accuracy, and so much more! An effective app is fast, efficient, bug-free, beautiful, and gives awesome feedback.


After you have ensured that the app is bug-free and ready to use, you can proceed to launch it on Apple’s Playstore for users.

If you want to teach coding to your kids but are confused about where to start, you can begin with app development. It is fun and utterly worth it!