Teaching 14 Years Old How to Code

Overview Guide


If kids are exposed to coding at 14 years old, kids can explore whether they want to continue this interest as a hobby or even explore it as a future vocation. This guide will teach you how to introduce coding to kids and getting them started on this lifelong learning journey of computer programming.

Teaching 14 Year Old How To Code

Parents think coding is hard. Teenagers understand basic programming concepts like variables, control flow, and function earlier than adults, so they may pick them up quickly.

Teenagers Learning To Code

Teens must learn programming, not simply the language. Teens can address problems by starting with them. Stepping through a problem, developing a visual flowchart, and breaking it down into a formula a computer can comprehend can help students understand the requirements for writing code.

Tips to Teach 14 Years Old How To Code

Here are some of the best tips for teaching fourteen year old students how to code in an effective way that also continues to motivate them.

Introduce Python

Python is often considered the ideal programming language because of its simple syntax. It helps produce readable code and will have a larger and more friendly community of developers.

Gamify The Learning Journey

Programming video games will be a common starting point for teenager coders that are beginning their journey. Roblox, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Five Nights at Freddy's, and similar other games will be great inspirational sources.

Coding Toys & Robotics

Toys and robotics for hands-on youngsters are great. Teens that have an interest in computer science and technology can get many educational coding devices.

Coding Kits

Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits can teach kids computer programming in a hands-on way. The kit includes speakers, LED light strips, sound sensors, temperature, and buttons. The kid will get timely feedback on kit construction.

Coding teaches students to break down big problems into smaller, more manageable pieces and be resilient when they fail. Modern technology provides unlimited resources to teach kids the basics, making coding easier.