Teaching 11 Years Old How to Code

Overview Guide


Coding and programming are new skills that take time to learn and master, but the challenges are part of the learning process. This guide will talk about some of the best platforms, classes, coding toys, and other learning programs for kids who are 11 years old and want to learn how to code.

Tips and Guides for Learning Coding at 11 Years Old

In this modern age, eleven-year-olds have incredible access to a lot of online resources to learn coding, including step by step tutorials as well as overnight shipping if they wanted to learn through physical, hands-on projects.

Tips and Guides for Learning Coding at 11 Years Old

There are many commercially accessible services and solutions that parents may utilize to help their kids learn coding, but it may take some time to find the ideal ones. Here are some tried-and-true methods for beginning the creative and sophisticated world of computer programming, which can improve problem-solving skills.

Online Coding Courses

A structured online course can help students learn coding principles at this age. Computer science topics build on each other, therefore starting with the basics, terminology, and grammar is crucial. Coding and programming courses provide a foundation.

Coding Platforms

There are various coding platforms that are available, but some of the top coding platforms are Creating 2D games in Scratch, Creating 3D Games and Learn Fundamentals from Big Tech Companies like Blockly.

Read Coding Books

Your 11-year-olds can read and comprehend. They can learn "old-school" coding with age-appropriate books. Coding books teach HTML, code, and more. Advanced JavaScript and Python books are available.

Coding Toys

Another way to teach your child how to code is through coding toys. Coding toys, sometimes called STEM toys, are educational toys that teach programming, robotics, and other topics.

Can an 11 Year old Know How to Code?

The best age to start coding varies each child, although kids can learn the basics at 11. (or even younger). CodeMonkey, Blockly, MakeCode, offline coding worksheets, structured online and in-person classes, and YouTube tutorials can educate kids to code.

If they love innovation and new technology, 11-year-olds can learn the basics and code games or robots. I hope you discovered some fun ways to teach your kids to code.