MakeCode by Microsoft

Honest Review

MakeCode is an online education platform offered by Microsoft to raise the next generation of coders.

MakeCode contains various resources and tools that may transform anybody from a novice to a coding master, and it is well-known for its simple-to-understand information.

This online education platform specialize in getting kids coding the stuff they want to learn, instead of just what fills out a curriculum. Their projects include mods for Minecraft, making retro style games of their own, and even integrating their projects onto real hardware.

Each MakeCode project builds on the abilities taught in the prior one, so every student will be learning new skills as they go, and all necessary resources are provided.

MakeCode's Biggest Advantages

1. Integrating Hardware 2. It’s Totally Free 3. Tons of Challenges and Projects

This is a great option for beginners and advanced students alike. It makes coding something that kids actually want to engage in and gives them reasons to keep learning even after their projects are done.

Microsoft MakeCode for Kids

Microsoft MakeCode for Kid's Future

If a student is certain that they want to pursue a career in computer science, online coding classes like MakeCode can be a fantastic approach to gain the necessary abilities early on in order to prepare for higher education.

Is Microsoft MakeCode worth it?

It's an amazing introduction to block coding and allows you to transition to script coding once students are ready to make that leap. With a leader in big technology behind the platform, you can be sure that new releases of the platform will enable your children and students to grow along with the platform and new innovations in technology.

I hope this review helps you whether Microsoft MakeCode can help your kids coding journey. Our goal is to help students and kids innovate with coding, robotics, and programming!