Offline Coding Activities

Kids will Love!


Unplugged coding, which is the art of learning how to code without the use of computers, is just as effective and beneficial as coding with a computer. Kids can learn how to code, acquire STEM skills, and other soft skills, from coding without a computer.

Teaching Kids to Code Without Computer

There are many fun ways parents can teach kids how to code without a computer. Kids can learn to code using an iPad or a phone. They can also learn the basics of simple programming languages with a pen and paper.

Ways to Teach Kids How to Code without Computer

With the right tools, teaching kids how to code without a computer can be seamless, fun, and engaging. The following are engaging coding activities your kids can do without a computer.

Printable Scratch Books

Kids can learn all about Scratch programming language with the printable Scratch books. It has everything they need to know about Scratch block coding, incorporated with a step-by-step guide and live coding samples.

Sphero and Ollie

Kids can learn all about coding and robotics with this educational kit. Teachers can also utilize the education program to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Robotics, and Mathematics to kids.

Bits & Bots

This is another fun programming activity that kids can learn about without a computer. It comes with great tools and instructional guides on how to teach robotics to kids.

Robot Turtles

Kids can learn the rudiments of coding with the Robot Turtles. The board game develops kids’ reasoning skills, and they have to think smart and fast to get their cards to the prized jewel.

Coding Kits

Kids can learn coding, robotics, electronics, etc. using coding kits. Arduino kits and Raspberry Pi are great coding kits for kids.

Coding without a computer is just as fun as learning how to code with a computer. There are tons of activities, games, and instructional materials that teach coding for kids without a computer.