Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Code

Even if you don't know how to as a parent

Teaching kids how to code improves problem-solving skills and opportunities for them to think differently about the world around them.

Start with Scratch coding (free from MIT). Gives them block style coding that is easy to learn.

Gamify learning. Allow them to make games as part of their learning strategy to keep them interested.

There are a ton of robotic learning systems that allow them to create something physically all in the name of learning coding.

There are structured free learning programs and paid ones that you can have a classroom setting (like CodeNinjas) you can sign up for.

There are also coding clubs in some schools starting at elementary school where they learn the fundamentals with friends.

There are also STEM subscriptions that you can sign up for that teach you how to code on a monthly basis (on Amazon) that are really fun and help kids explore.

There are LEGO systems that are also set up for learning how to code for kids, if your kids love LEGOs, this is a great way to level up their hobby.

I hope those tips helped you! If you want more tips, check out the blog for more tips: We focus on helping parents that don't know how to code to teach their kids how!