Gifts for Teens

That Like to Program & Code

Coding Gift Guide for Teens

Coding gifts are best for teens who have developed a passion for programming and STEM, or who are open to new learning paths and careers.

Best Coding Gifts for Teens

The following are the best coding gift ideas for teens. Tween coders can uncover their potential with coding gifts.

Anki Cosmo Robot

Cozmo, the movie robot, is ideal for teaching teens and young kids. Beginners can use it without assembly. Anki Cozmo Bot users get a free app.

Sphero Robot

Sphero robots teach high schoolers robotics and coding. Sphero Bolt for Scratch helps 7–9-year-olds learn coding in a bright, engaging way.

Elegoo Robot Car

Build and activate a robot using the Elegoo Uno Smart Robot Car kit. Although great for novices, basic programming and robot expertise is helpful.

Raspberry Pi Kit

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that teaches the core of programming, electronics, robotics, and computing.

Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino only offers the Arduino Starter package. The kit teaches beginners and experts electronics and programming.


Micro:bit provides the opportunity for kids to learn all about robotics, electronics, and programming. Learners can also access free tutorials and guides on the micro:bit’s official website.

I hope you learn in this post the best gift for kids who love technology and gadgets.