Coding Toys

Ultimate Guide

for 12 years Old


Thanks to coding toys, your 12-year-old can learn it screen-free. At 12, you might think they're old enough to play with toys. There are age-appropriate coding toys for your 12-year-old.

Best Coding Toys for 12 Years Old

Game-based learning is growing popular to teach difficult concepts while fostering students' imaginations and play. Choosing a game or coding toy that interests your child will help them learn coding. Here are the many coding toys available for 12 years old.

Cue Robot

Take learning coding to the next level! “Cue” is an intelligent robot that brings robot-human interaction to a new degree of sophistication.

Sphero Mini

Your 12-year-old kid will learn how to code using Sphero Mini with the free Sphero Edu app. The Sphero Mini may be programmed using this software by drawing on your screen, dragging and dropping code blocks, or using JavaScript.

iRobot Root RTO Coding Robot

If you look for something more engaging than movements on a screen, iRobot will be perfect for your kids. Unlike other coding toys, this stem toy has a physical bot that can move around the house.

Circuit Maze Brain Game

Create an actual electrical circuit that lights up specific beacons using Circuit Maze. The 60 puzzles are challenging and thought-provoking and they will keep you entertained for a long time. In addition, you'll learn how circuits operate while playing Circuit Maze.

Lego Mindstorm EV3

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit includes instructions for 17 alternative robotic designs, each with its own distinguishing characteristics. Builders may program their STEM robots to do various tasks such as talking, walking, grabbing, shooting targets, and more.

Codemaster Logic Game

This coding board game and STEM toy is the ultimate coding experience, and it teaches programming theory through engaging gameplay. The game includes ten maps with a total of sixty levels to complete, twelve guide scrolls, twelve action tokens, eight conditional tokens, and an instruction booklet with solutions.

I hope that with this list of coding toys for 12 years old, you are able to enlighten what toy will your 12 year old will enjoy and interested about.