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Resources for Kids


Finding age-appropriate resources to teach your kids to code and program is one of the toughest obstacles. This guide will help you choose the best materials by age or school level to personalize their learning to their cognitive ability.


When matching coding and programming materials by age or school level, it can take a long time. Free YouTube videos may skip the basics and start programming. Some structured learning systems may go too deep into computer science foundations when all they need is high-level terminology to start learning.

Considerations of Teaching Coding

Here you will find Teaching coding takes careful consideration of numerous elements to ensure student success.

Teaching Kids How To Code by Age

Here you will find that eaching kids how to code by age involves tailoring the curriculum, teaching strategies, and learning activities to match the cognitive and developmental stages of children at different ages.

Coding Toys by Age

Coding toys are designed to introduce children to coding concepts and computational thinking in a fun and engaging way. Coding toys vary in complexity and are generally targeted at specific age ranges.

Coding Platforms for Kids

Coding platforms for kids are fun, interactive places on the web where kids can learn and practice coding. These platforms range in how hard they are to use and are made for people of different ages and skill levels.

Coding Languages for Kids

There are several coding languages that are designed specifically for kids to learn coding in a fun and engaging way. Some popular coding languages for kids include Scratch, Blockly, and's App Lab.

Gift Guide for Coding Kids

Coding, robotics, and 3D printing gift guide for kids includes a variety of products that can help children learn about technology and engineering concepts in a fun and engaging way.

If you want to teach your students how to code, I hope this helped you figure out where to start. As a parent and teacher, I know how hard it can be to find the right resources when you want to learn how to code.