Best Robotic Toys

To Teach Coding for Kids

Kids these days are learning how to code at an earlier age than their parents did because they have access to revolutionary robot toys that are fun to play with and teach kids the basics up of coding up to its most advanced skills.

– Sphero Bolt – WowWee COJI the Coding Robot Toy – Dash Robot Wonder Pack – Coding Pet Milky – Artie 3000

Some of the best robot toys for kids to learn how to code include:

Each of these toys has its own unique design and perfectly blends the teachings of coding with common youth interests, such as racing, pets, pop culture, and more.

Sphero Bolt

Sphero Bolt is a translucent palm-sized ball filled with LED lights and sensors that kids above the age of eight can control using an iOS or Android app and their coding skills. With the right input from them, this durable ball can flip, roll, spin, and light up nearly any array of colors of the coder’s choice.

Wowwee Coji

COJI is a humanoid robot with a display screen face that is specifically designed to making the concepts of coding easy for younger kinds through the use of emojis! Using a smart device, kids can play improving games, develop STEM and problem-solving skills, and enjoy  the various mobility and speech features COJI has to offer.


Wonder Workshop Dash is an adorable interactive coding marvel that will teach kids from the age of six to eleven how master the basics of coding straight away. With the help of a smart device, kids can program dash to whiz around the room, spin/dance, speak, light-up, or play interactive games.

Coding Pet Milky

Milky is a blue and white, palm-sized mouse robot toy equipped with 26 coding cards, 6 coding boards, and 6 markers that allows kids ages eight and older to develop computational thinking skills, coding abilities, and express their creativity.

Artie 3000

Artie 3000 is one of the many coding robot toys that require a smart device to teach coding and STEM education at its full capacity, but it is one of the few coding toys that truly progresses with your child as its coding abilities advance.

I hope the top 5 robotic toys listed here, amongst the many other options on the market, can teach your kids how to code and put them on the path to a bright coding future.