Coding Toys

Ultimate Guide

for 10 years Old


Ten year old kids can start learning how to code using some amazing toys and easy to use gamified platforms that will allow them to learn new programming skills.


Your 10 year old kid might probably have some basics of how to code and program in school. However, learning coding is not limited only in school, you can also let your kid enjoy it at the comfort of your home, or even with you!

Best Coding Toy for 10 Years Old

Coding toys let kids learn by doing, which is a proven method for teaching new topics. Making it a gamified learning experience helps also. The Following are the best coding toys for 10 years old.

Squishy Circuits Kit

Squishy Circuits teaches kids about electronics while allowing them to play around with play-doh. When children use play-doh to construct creatures, they use a simple circuit to light them up, allowing them to learn about circuits in an enjoyable and creative manner.

Sphero Bolt

Do you want your 10 year old to keep busy in just 1 toy? If so, you should probably try and get Sphero Bolt! It has 3 program ways draw and drive commands, Scratch blocks, or even JavaScript text programming so your kids can learn more.

Clicbot Coding Robot

Find yourself falling in love with a joyful and intelligent robot that teaches your child to code. Clicbot can be your new addition your family as this robot will surely delight the whole gang with his more than 200 reactions.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Ev3Storm, Track3R, Gripper, R3Ptar and Spik3R – you will meet them all with Lego Mindstorms EV3 as this coding you lets you create 5 different robot in a set. They can design the robot with the free EV3 Programmer App on their tablet.

Artie Max

Artie Max Drawing Robot teaches many programming languages. The robot comes pre-loaded with Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, C++, and Artie's simple programming language.

I hope that the list of some of the most popular and age-appropriate coding languages for 10-year-olds helps you pick what is best for your child.