AWS DeepRacer

for Kids

Get started with AWS DeepRacer with this guide covering its overview, functioning, and cost. Perfect for students new to this topic.

AWS DeepRacer is a way for kids to get equipped in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What is AWS DeepRacer?

Students can learn ML and RL through an autonomous racing league. DeepRacer allows testing of automobiles in virtual simulations.

AWS DeepRacer Student

Students learn AI, ML, and compete with others globally in DeepRacer League, winning prizes and scholarships.

AWS DeepRacer League

AWS provides professional and certificate exams on technical skills and cloud expertise for students to earn certifications that can boost their resume and career opportunities.

AWS Certification

To join AWS DeepRacer, sign up for the program or create a free AWS account to learn and compete in autonomous racing for scholarships.

How AWS DeepRacer Works

An AWS DeepRacer device costs $399, while the advanced AWS Deepacer Evo with a Sensor Kit costs $598.

AWS DeepRacer Device

For the AWS DeepRacer service, the training costs $3.59/hour, while the model storage costs $0.023/GB- month.

AWS DeepRacer Service

I hope you learn about the AWS DeepRacer, a fun way for kids to learn AI, RL, and ML skills, and compete for prizes and scholarships.