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Tips for Teaching Kids

Swift Coding for Kids

Swift coding for kids is one of the best ways of introducing kids to the world of programming. There is provision for most kids to learn how to code, regardless of their age and experience.

Best Tips to Teach Swift for Kids

Swift for kids is awesome, provided that you understand how it works. Here are the top best tips for coding with kids.

Hacking With Swift

Hacking with Swift is a resourceful tool that is entirely compatible with beginners. For kids who have no experience with coding, starting with the basic introductions might be a good start for them!

Learn with Apple Physical Books

Apple books are equally as great in teaching Swift coding to kids. The books can also serve as a better guide to help kids understand how Swift Playgrounds work.

Apple Workshops

Another channel for kids to learn how to code with Swift is to attend an Apple workshop. The goal of the workshops is to give kids a live experience with Apple software developers. They can interact with professional Apple developers and even ask questions.

Swift Playgrounds

To help your kids get the most out of Swift, you have to download the Swifts playgrounds app on the Apple store. Kids can hop on several projects, ranging from basic to more advanced projects.

Pros of Swift Programming for Kids

– It is easy to use. – Kids are not limited to one mode of learning. They can explore different methods and learn important hacks on how to build projects with Swift. – Swift programming allows kids to learn at their own pace. Its rigid pattern and guides have proven to be effective in teaching kids how to code.

Cons of Swift Programming for Kids

- Swift is only available on Apple, and kids are limited in what they can build. More often than not, kids find it difficult to jump to real-world programming – Swift is a text-based programming language, hence, it is only suitable for kids aged 8 years and above.

If your kids want to learn a programming language, the fundamentals should truly be taught learning Python for object oriented programming.