Tinker Crate

Is it worth it?

Discover if Tinker Crates are worth it! Dive in this comprehensive review of this popular hands-on learning subscription service.

What is Tinker Crate by Kiwico?

Tinker Crate by KiwiCo lets kids experience programming, engineering, math, science, and technology. Tinker Crates teach kids technical, soft, and hard skills through projects.

Tinker Crate Honest Review

If you're wondering if Tinker Crates are worth the money, this review will answer all your questions.


Tinker Crates is a stylish subscription box featuring supplies and instructions for a certain project. Each month has a distinct project focus. Each Tinker Crate comes with a picture-and-step-by-step tutorial.

Project Variations

Tinker Crate has many project variations over your subscribed month. KiwiCo creates themed projects monthly. Tinker Crate offers Trebuchets, walking robots, and paper circuits.


Tinker Crates last a long time. The components are made of sturdy plywood. Tinker container is also durable.


Tinker crates can also be customized for budding engineers. You can personalize your subscription based on age, type, pricing, etc.

What is Included in the Crate

– Building materials – Tinker Zine (science activities for kids) – Instructional manual – Step-by-step pictorial guide – Puzzles

I hope you uncover the value of Tinker Crates in this comprehensive review. and explore the pros and cons to determine if it's the right choice for hands-on learning.