Teaching Kids How to Code


Teaching your kids how to code their own Alexa skills is another way to have fun and learn along with them. In addition to the many features of Alexa dot speakers, kids can learn how to add their desired features.

Coding Alexa Skills

Kids must learn certain terminology to programme Alexa skills. These phrases help students understand Alexa skill design and coding.

Alexa Skill Parts

Alexa skills, just like other programming skills, are divided into two parts- Interaction model and the Hosted service.

Alexa Skill Blueprint

Alexa skill blueprints are a combination of skill templates from which kids can choose. A blueprint is a template. So, selecting a blueprint means selecting a template.

Create an Interaction Model

After picking a name for your skill, you need to create a series of models that you can use to activate it. These requests must be related to the skill, for instance, if you create a series of game skills, you can say “Alexa, let’s play a game”.

Launch Your Skill

Alexa would notify you once your skill is ready for launch. Then, you can test it out by using your voice command with a simple “Alexa”, followed by your request.

Share Your Skill

Kids can also choose to share their skill(s) with their friends and family. They can also publish it on the Alexa skills store, although this comes with its terms and conditions.

Pro's of Alexa Skills

- It keeps kids getting engaged - Kids learn programming - improve kid's creativity

Alexa skill for kids is a great avenue to keep your kids engaged and have fun with them. The possibilities of skills you can create are endless. I hope this blog helps you to get started on Alexa skills today!