Teaching Computer Coding to Kids

Overcoming the Biggest Challenge:

Learn the biggest problems that parents and teachers face when teaching kids to code, and give realistic ways to deal with them.

It's difficult to blend age-appropriate curriculum with each child's learning pace. Learn how to adapt coding lessons to your child's age and interest.

Age Appropriate Curriculum

Keeping kids interested in coding is hard. Find inventive and engaging ways to make coding fun and engaging.

Interest & Engagement

Explore ways to integrate coding concepts into disciplines other than computer science to show pupils how coding is used in real life.

Integrating Coding to Different Subjects

Parents and instructors can be overwhelmed by coding resources and tools. Find advice on choosing kids' learning tools and platforms.

Technology Navigation

Discover strategies to encourage inclusivity and empower girls to code.

Gender Disparities

For a child's development, screen time for coding must be balanced with real-world interaction. Learn how to limit screen time and encourage offline exploring.

Balancing Screen Time

Some kids have learning differences. Discover inclusive teaching ideas and tools for various learners to make coding accessible to all.

Learning Differences

I hope you learn effective ways to overcome challenges while teaching kids coding.