Teaching 9 Years Old How to Code

Overview Guide


Coding teaches digital literacy as well as the real-world of troubleshooting and problem solving. At the tender age of 9, they can not only learn the basics of coding and development, but they can also explore creativity, problem solving, and project

What & Why Teach Coding to Kids?

Coding is simply as a way to communicate with a computer. In today's digital world, children need to learn computer coding to succeed and develop a creator mindset toward technology.

Best Tips to Teach Coding to 9 Years Old

Here are some practical ways of teaching children to code are utilizing coding applications, letting them play with coding or STEM toys, and enrolling them in coding classes.

Explain Coding in Simple Terms

Coding converts human commands into computer language. You can explain coding simply by teaching multi-lingual concepts of coding and use gamifying to learn coding.

Learn Terminology & Vocabulary of Coding

9-year-olds may understand coding but not its technical jargon. Coding lessons require them to learn more than just the definition.

Enroll Kids in Coding Classes

Coding programs teach your 9-year-old the basics. This allows the educator to let students create games, apps, and animations and introduce them to block-based programming languages like Scratch or Blockly.

Books for Coding

Coding knowledge is also in books. If you fear books won't explain coding well, there are several age-appropriate books for your 9-year-old (and younger!).

Unplugged Activities

Some of the best coding (offline) toys you can use for your 9 years old are puzzles, blocks, and robots. These coding toys will also help them develop problem-solving and analytical thinking skills and boost their creativity.

Having your 9-year-old learn how to code will improve their digital literacy, but it will also help them opportunities to be more creative in the future. Children can acquire problem-solving abilities while learning valuable and competitive skills if they learn how to code.