Teaching 8 Years Old How to Code



Coding logic, especially the basics and how to construct an app, benefits kids. Showing them how it can be used to construct anything they want will give them unlimited possibilities for what they can do with their coding and app development talents.

Tips to Teach 8 Years Old How to Code

These methods can educate your 8-year-old problem-solving, patience, creativity, and others. Here are some of the finest ways to assist your 8-year-old learn problem-solving, organization, math, narrative, and design.

Explain Coding Simply

Make your introduction to coding as simple as possible. It is essential to explain to them that coding is a technique to communicate with computers in a way that they can grasp.

Teach Coding with Fun

For most kids, it is essential to make learning fun; they find it more memorable, and thus, they retain the lessons they have learned.

Use Intuitive Coding Platforms to Teach

There are various cloud applications that do not need intensive computer power to code. MakeCode, CodeMonkey, and Scratch/Scratch Junior are excellent platforms that teach young kids how to code.

Coding Classes

Coding is usually not a part of the third grade elementary school curriculum. Instead, it is usually taught as an after-school club. If you want them to go from learning once a week to learning more than once a week, you can find coding classes like CodeNinja in most major cities.

Make Coding Relevant to Technology Use

It helps to apply new concepts like coding and programming to what pupils already know. Making code relatable helps kids understand it. List all the problems their favorite app or website solves.

Invest in Coding Books

Books are always a standby go-to and generally 8 year olds can definitely start reading books around Scratch and Scratch Junior. There are various coding books that have been developed for children at age 8 and younger, which allows kids to get immersed.

Teaching young kids that are interested in technology and becoming creators instead of consumers is an amazing teaching moment. Eight year olds are capable of following instructions in more depth and developing step-by-step techniques for completing more challenging tasks.