Teaching 12 Years Old How to Code

Overview Guide


In this blog, I’m going to share some of the best ways for 12 years old to learn to code. Every level of coding experience is considered from screen-free activities to the best coding website that teaches kids how to code.

Learning Coding at 12 Years Old

Kids should code for many reasons. Programming teaches algorithms and pattern recognition. If they establish a desire for digital literacy early on, youngsters can have a jump start in modern education.

Skills 12 Years Can Learn While Learning Coding

- Problem Solving Skills - Teaching Persistence - Creativity

How to Teach Coding to 12 Years Old

The Following Are some of the best methods for motivating 12 year old kids how to learn to code and program. Using this methods will allow you to get kids to better understand the fundamentals while also working through problems.

Discuss Coding Terms

If you and your child are unfamiliar with coding, it is best to discuss some basic coding terms and how it works. Having a working knowledge of the terminology in the coding field will help you and your child learn more quickly and effectively.

Coding Toys

To keep children's minds engaged and active, the most effective learning resources include elements of fun and gaming. Therefore, a coding toy is an excellent instrument that can help your child of 12 years old learn how to code.

In Person or Online Courses

These days, there are a lot of coding classes geared toward children and people just starting. Some of them are conducted entirely online, while others are also run in person.

Coding Community & Buddy

Finding mentors and friends that have the same interest could also help 12 year olds flourish with learning coding and programming. Two minds are often better than one, so finding a friend or classmate who is interested in coding would allow them to flourish.

If you want your 12 year old to get these benefits of learning coding skills, take this tips to heart as you start their journey into the world of coding where they’ll be able to quickly grow their critical thinking skills and allow their creativity to flourish.