Stem Coding Projects for Kindergarten


For little kids learning to code, STEM projects are available, such as coding bricks and books, kits, and hands-on activities. Although indoor and outdoor coding can be effective, unplugged outdoor coding activities are highly recommended.

Best STEM Projects for Kindergarten to Learn Coding

There are numerous STEM projects for your kindergartens to learn coding skills. The following are some of the best STEM projects for kindergarten to learn to code.

Feed The Mouse

Feed the mouse is an incredible screen-free activity young children can play anywhere! All you need to begin with is a toy mouse, a stack of cards, and toy snacks. This is an incredible game that helps kids learn about algorithms and debugging.

Deck of Cards

This is one of the easiest offline STEM projects for young kids aged 4 and above. Here, kids will learn the basics of algorithms, sequencing, and debugging. It is super easy and fun for kids to play!

Outdoor Coding Activity with Chalk Water & Guns

Parents can engage their kids in this super fun outdoor project, with just a chalk and water squirter. It involves two people, where one has to act as the robot, and the other as the programmer. With a little setup, parents can enjoy this activity with their little kids, while they learn about robotics and coding.

Edison Robots

Designed to teach robotics and STEM to young children, the Edison robotic kit uses a step-by-step guide to learning all about programming and robotics. It is an awesome way for your kids to learn about programming and robotics.

Lego Coding Activities

This robotics STEM project for kids gradually guides kids through the various levels of programming with lego robotics. This gives kids the ability to grow with their Lego toys. As they proceed to higher levels, the lessons become more intense and comprehensive.

How do I teach my kids how to code for free?

The good thing about coding for kids is that you can learn it all for free! Many coding resources and programs comprehensively equip kids with programming and STEM-related skills without having to pay any sum.

Coding for kindergarten should be nothing but fun! Kids are well, just kids, and sitting behind a desk all day with a pencil and pen is not ideal. Teaching kids how to code is a form of relaxation which creates the perfect balance between learning and having fun!