Show and Tell Ideas for Kids for Computer Programming

Learn a variety of creative and engaging ways to present your coding projects, from demos and live coding sessions to interactive tutorials and hackathons.

Kids can make a video of their program in motion and talk about the features and how they built it as they go.

Create a Demo Video

Use a slide show to show off the program and what it can do. This could include images, bits of code, and a description of how to do it.

Make a Presentation

Let the kids go through the code live and explain how they thought of each line and why it works.

Host Live Coding Sessions

Make a lesson that walks people through the program step by step and lets them try it out for themselves.

Build an Interactive Tutorial

Encourage kids to work in small groups to make a project. Then, have them show their work to the rest of the class and let them vote on which one is the best.

Host a Mini Hackathon

Kids should be asked to use Scratch or another visual computer language to make a simple game and then show it to the class.

Make a Game

Let the kids talk about how the project went and what they learned from it.

Share the Experience

I hope you learn from this list of show and tell ideas for kids that engaging children in creative activities can be both educational and enjoyable.