Raspberry Pi Vs Arduino for Kids

What is Better?

Discover why Arduino and Raspberry Pi are ideal for beginners studying computer programming and circuits.

Arduino boards are microcontroller circuit boards that only run Arduino IDE code. Sketch—a C++-based programming language—is used.

What is Arduino?

Raspberry Pi, unlike Arduino, is a credit-sized computer that can be attached to a TV or display.

What is Raspberry Pi?

While the Raspberry Pi has more input/output pins and better programming performance with a larger RAM, the Arduino is a smaller microcontroller that requires less RAM and is better suited for completing simple tasks.


Arduino is simpler but has limited capabilities, while Raspberry Pi is more advanced with wider capabilities and unlimited storage. Both are popular and available.

Key Differences

There is no clear winner between Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is better for programming, while Arduino is better for simpler projects.

Which is Better for Kids?

Arduino is great for children to learn electronics and programming with simple projects like a robot car or traffic lights.

Is Arduino suitable for kids?

Yes, Raspberry Pi is designed to introduce kids to programming and is simple, effective, and easy to use.

Is Raspberry Pi suitable for kids?

Hopefully, this article has provided an in-depth comparison of both boards for you to make a decision. Take your time to study it closely before purchasing a board for your young learners!