Raspberry Pi

for Kids


Raspberry Pi is easy to learn, and parents can even learn along with their kids. Raspberry Pi is suitable for kids aged 7 and above.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a programming kit, also called Single Board Computers (SBC), which enables one to learn the rudiments of computer science and programming, as well as engage in home automation.

Things to Do With Raspberry Pi

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects for kids include Laser Tripwire, woo-Pi Cushion, Minecraft Selfies, Lost in Space, FPV Robot, among many others. These projects are designed to fit into a particular age, while other projects can be executed by kids of all ages.

Ideal Age to Learn Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is ideal for kids aged 7 and above. To code on Raspberry Pi, kids need to have basic computer science skills because they would need a working device to explore with their kits

Coding Language for Raspberry Pi

Python is the official programming language for Raspberry Pi. This proves that Raspberry Pi was designed specifically for kids, as Python is considered the easiest programming language for kids.

What is Raspberry Jams?

The Raspberry Jam is an awesome avenue for kids around the world to connect with one another. Raspberry Jam is an event created and sponsored by the Raspberry Pi foundation, and it aims at helping kids learn programming by connecting and interacting with one another.

Teach Computing

Raspberry Pi, asides from teaching coding for kids, can also teach kids computing. Parents can introduce their kids to the world of computing via the Raspberry Pi platform, which offers teachers free computing teaching courses and resources, training opportunities, and community support.

Gaming with Raspberry Pi

Minecraft is a popular gaming platform that teaches coding to kids. Minecraft supports numerous programming languages and kids can invent anything in their Minecraft world.

If you want your kids to acquire programming, computation, technical, robotics, and coding skills, then Raspberry Pi is perfect for them to begin with.