Python Programming

with Edison Robot

Python with Edison Robot

Another interesting way kids can learn coding is through the Edison Robot. In here, you will know everything you need to know about learning Python with Edison Robot, as well as its benefits and cons.

What is Edison Robot?

Edison Robot is a programmable robot equipped with several programming languages from which kids can choose from. The robot is designed to teach science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and robotics to kids aged four years and above.

Things to Know About Edison

Understanding Edison robots and how they teach youngsters programming can save parents the hassle of buying several robots. Here are the cogent things you should know about the Edison robot and Python.


EdPy is the text-based programming language version of the Edison robot. It is based on Python programming, the easiest text-based programming for kids. EdPy introduces kids to real-world coding concepts, using simple Python vocabulary.


EdBlocks is designed for kids aged 7-12 years old. It is the direct opposite of EdPy, in that EdPy is text-based, while EdBlocks uses a block coding method to teach kids.

Pros of Edpy

– EdPy worksheets are effective in teaching kids robotics and Python coding. – It follows a step-by-step guide that allows kids to learn at their own pace and without pressure. – EdPy worksheets are simple and easy to follow.

Cons of Edpy

– EdPy is only suitable for kids aged 13 and above. It is a bit too advanced for younger kids and they might have difficulties learning the codes.

Edison Robot Price

The price of the Edison robot varies. All robots however, are affordable and you can purchase an Edison robot for as low as $50.

EdPy, which is a combination of Edison robot and Python programming language, is also an effective tool to teach coding and robotics to kids. It is easy to follow, with a series of activities and practical examples.