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What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a programming kit designed to teach kids and young adults how to code. Raspberry Pi equips users with STEM skills and teaches the rudiments of computer science, programming, and automation.

Projects with Raspberry Pi

There are countless projects that kids can do with a Raspberry Pi kit. However, these are carefully selected the top projects Raspberry Pi projects for your kids.

Link to Minecraft

Kids can learn how to utilize Minecraft and Raspberry Pi to learn how to write codes. Kids can customize games with Minecraft Application Programming Interface (API). Raspberry Pi provides various custom modifications, and kids can use it to customize their games on Minecraft.

Green Goals

This project uses Scratch language and it aims to educate kids on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are environment-focused and kids can constantly learn about them by programming an animation that highlights these goals.

Predict The Weather

Kids can learn how to predict the weather with the Raspberry Pi weather station kit. They can also learn how to create their weather stations.

Humidity Sensor

Kids can create a humidity sensor to prevent dampness in your house. In the process, kids will learn about environmental science, coding, and electronics. The humidity sensor project is a bit advanced and is only suitable for older kids within the age of 10 and above.

Laser Tripwire

Kids can create an invisible laser wire to protect their stuff or set a trap! With the help of parents, kids can learn how to program an invisible switch. An alarm goes off once the laser beam is tampered with. This project is fun, and parents can explore and learn with their kids.

Lost in Space

Kids can get accustomed to Scratch programming with this project. This is a suitable project for kids who have no experience in coding and Raspberry. They can learn how to create simple graphics while also learning about buttons, LEDs, etc.

The Raspberry Pi projects highlighted above are just some of the many projects your kids can try out. You can explore as many projects as you want with your kids