Outdoor Activities to Learn Coding

Unplugged Coding for Kids

Learn how you can teach your kids coding through these screen-free outdoor activities.

1. Hopscotch Re-Imagined

The idea behind this concept is for kids to learn loops, debugging, sequencing, and algorithms.

2. Feed The Mouse

All you need to begin with this activity is a toy mouse, a stack of cards, and toy snacks.

3. Turing Tumble

Turing tumble is a great game that helps kids learn the basics of logic and components.

4. Coding Simon Says

In this game, all players are computers, and Simon is the programmer.

5. Binary Bracelets

Binary bracelets are a simple type of unplugged coding that kids can use to encode their names.

This is a perfect unplugged outdoor activity for kids to learn sequencing and decomposition.

6. Treasure Hunts

This activity builds a robot using the programmer's instructions.

7. Build Your Own Robot

Outdoor coding activities for kids provide great opportunities for parents to bond with their kids.I hope this post helps parents and educators introduce coding to kids using outdoor activities.