Lego Coding for Kids


LEGO coding with kids introduces kids to the basics of programming and STEM through fun activities. LEGO coding also educates kids on off-screen and computer coding, math, engineering, and ratios, as well as other coding functions like loops, variables, statements, etc.

All About Lego Coding

LEGO is a great way to introduce kids to programming. The project ideas range from simple to complex and kids can always grow with them. They can begin with simple LEGO coding toys, then proceed to use bigger sets as they grow older.

Lego & Coding

LEGO and coding are two mutually exclusive terms; this means that kids can learn how to create awesome projects without including coding and computer science. They will also understand certain coding syntax and terminologies, such as variables, algorithms, loops, bits, etc.

Benefits of Lego Coding for Kids

– Kids understand programming concepts better. Programming is simply a person telling a computer what to do. LEGO coding is practical, and kids will absorb the process more efficiently. – Coding with LEGO births creativity and independence in kids.

Benefits of Lego Coding for Kids

– It promotes independence – It promotes teamwork and collaboration – Young children will also acquire other skills, including computational thinking, computer skills, problem-solving, algorithmic thinking, and critical thinking.

Lego Mindstorms

LEGO Mindstorms is a programmable LEGO robotic kit for kids. Designed for ages 10 and above, the LEGO robotics set equips kids with the skills to build and program up to 17 LEGO robots in one set.

Lego Robotics Programming Classes

LEGO robotics and coding is vast, and without a guidance, you may give up. LEGO robotics programming workshops for kids teach LEGO, robotics, and coding basics and help kids become specialists.

Why Learn Coding with Lego

The simple answer is that technology is rapidly emerging as the new standard, and coding, is at its center. Coders are in high demand, and learning computer code early gives you an edge in your career.

I hope this provides you a great overview of inspiring kids to learn about computer science using LEGO coding and getting them excited in the fields of STEM. LEGO Mindstorms is an amazing program that allows kid programmers to code and transfer to a robot!