Lego Coding

Projects for Kids

LEGO and code are mutually exclusive, so kids can create fantastic creations without coding or computer science. Variables, algorithms, loops, bits, and other coding languages will be familiar to them.

Lego Coding Project Ideas

The following are some inspiring ideas of the amazing projects you can build with your LEGO building blocks.

Lego Maze

LEGO Maze, is an easy LEGO activity that uses hands-on activities to teach kids how to code. It makes learning more visible and practical.

Lego Sequence

The LEGO sequence project teaches kids sequence problem-solving. LEGO sequence is a great way for kids to learn about coding sequence.

Design Logo Boat

If your kids love engineering, make a LEGO boat project for them! This fun classroom exercise uses LEGO construction bricks, water, a container, and pennies.

Lego Dominion Chain

The LEGO Dominion Chain teaches students how to build a LEGO chain reaction. When an event starts a chain reaction, it's known as a domino effect.

Lego Rainbow

LEGO bricks can be used for more than just building a rainbow. Red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, and green make up the LEGO rainbow.

Lego Binary Alphabet Rainbow

LEGO Binary Alphabet Rainbow is another screen-free LEGO coding game for kids. LEGO bricks and baseplate help kids learn numbers and binary.

I hope you learn on how Lego can help your kids to learn all about LEGO, coding, robotics, engineering, and other STEM-related subjects.