Kids Coding Program from Big Tech Companies

(Microsoft, Amazon, and Google)

The three largest and most popular tech companies that teach coding to kids are: – Microsoft – Amazon – Google


Microsoft’s MakeCode platform is a free online coding platform that allows kids to code using games. Here, kids can build games, mod Minecraft, and code devices.


Amazon is another amazing tech company that provides opportunities for kids to stay relevant in the tech space. Amazon's future engineer focuses on both developed and third-world countries to introduce kids into the world of computer science.


Google's Computer Science First is an amazing online platform by Google that makes coding simple, easy, and fun. This program focuses on equipping teachers with the right coding tools to enable them to teach coding.

Big Tech's Reason to Push Kids on Learning How to Code

There are many benefits attached to teaching kids how to code and these big tech's want to utilize it, thus, they are creating programs. Here are some of the benefits of teaching coding to kids:

Coding Improves Math and Problem Solving Skills

Just like math, coding regularly deals with problems that you fix and solve. When kids are exposed to coding, it would boost their problem-solving skills, both in coding and in their academics as well.

Coding Promotes the Art of Learning While Doing

The best way to learn to code is to learn on the go. This helps them understand concepts better, make mistakes, and discover innovative ideas around the problem. When kids master the act of learning by doing, coding would become easier and more challenging in a fun way.

Coding Gives Kids a Better Understanding of the World Around Them

When you explain to a kid that you can teach them how buttons and features are set up on a phone or gaming app, they will be fascinated and want to learn more. The more kids learn about these features and websites, the more they understand the technological world around them, and the world at large.

Everyone should have the opportunity and open forum to learn how to code. Thus, Companies in Silicon Valley are realizing the opportunity to teach kids in order to grow their knowledge as well as build future leaders in tech.