Block Coding for Kids

What is Block Coding?

Block coding is the easiest way for your kids to start learning how to code. To make animations, games, etc., you have to drag and drop blocks.

What is a Block?

In coding, a block is an important term. You can also call a block a chunk or a dollop. Blocks are small pieces of code that a coder puts together to make a website, animation, game, etc.

3 Categories of Blocks

Looks Blocks Motion Blocks Sound Blocks

What is a Sprite in Coding?

A sprite is a picture or object that is used in coding. The looks and motion blocks can be used to move, change, or move a sprite.

Why Use Block Base Coding for Kids?

Block-based coding platforms are easier for kids. Its drag-and-drop mechanism allows students to move and drop blocks on the field. Repeat until they have a whole sequence.

Block Based Coding Languages for Kids

– Scratch – Blockly – Alice – Java (Minecraft)

Best Block Based Coding Languages for Kids

- Code.Org - Scratch and Scratch Jr - Blockly - Code for Life - Tynker and Tynker Jr.  - Stencyl

What is the difference between block-based coding and text-based coding?

Learning block-based coding is different from text-based coding. Text coding focuses on technical jargon while block coding uses a drag-and-drop platform.

Learning block coding is straightforward and fun. I hope this block helps you learn everything about block coding.