How to Monitor Kids Phones and Tablets

Parents Guide

Learn how you can monitor a kid’s mobile device and the best parental control apps and software for parents to use.

Monitoring & Screen Limit Time

Web filtering, text tracking, screen time limits, and location tracking are just the beginning of parental control. It also requires teaching your children about the internet's risks and why you need to monitor them.

Best Apps to Control & Monitor Kids Phone

Thee best parental control software monitors your children's online activities, including calls, messages, and locations, and blocks unwanted websites, etc. Here are the top parental control applications and tools.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is one of the best and most expensive parental control programs. It works well on websites, applications, and social media.


Canopy parental control software helps younger kids use mobile devices responsibly. The canopy software filters websites and limits specified information so kids can enjoy the website's benefits.


Bark monitors kids' social media activity on YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, emails, and more, unlike conventional parental control software. Bark lets kids use social media safely.


FamilyTime parental control software lets parents monitor, guide, and protect their kids. This software sets screen time limitations for phone conversations and internet surfing, tracks whereabouts, etc.

Norton Family

Norton Family has great online filtering and monitoring for Android and Windows devices, perfect for location tracking. Its dashboard monitors infinite devices.

I hope you learn ow to effectively monitor your kids' phones and tablets. This comprehensive guide provides valuable tips and tools for responsible parental control