How to Code with MakeCode

What is MakeCode?

MakeCode is a web-based programming platform from Microsoft that introduces coding simply and effectively for kids. Before moving on to more sophisticated programs, the block-based programming approach allows the user to understand coding fundamentals in a more practical way.

MakeCode 3 Online Editors:

MakeCode currently has three online editors: Arcade, Mirco: bit, and Minecraft. Within each editor, you can either use blocks or JavaScript and have the capability of switching between the visual and text-based programming interfaces as you build your program.

What is a Block Editor?

The block editor employs a block-based language that looks similar to Scratch. This is where users may develop a program interactively by dragging blocks from the toolbox onto the editor area. Essentially, it is about graphically displaying code by snapping together distinct blocks rather than writing programming statements in an editor.

What is a Language Editor?

The language editor simply adheres to JavaScript syntax. However, while it's possible to switch between the block editor and JavaScript editor in MakeCode when first starting out, it's best to stick with just one.

How to Use the Block Editor in MakeCode Editor

You may make your own unique playable games with just a few blocks or lines of code. with Make Code. There are 2 ways to get started with MakeCode: creating a new game and add coding blocks.

Creating A New Game

To begin, open your web browser and navigate to the MakeCode Arcade website to begin. To begin a project, select "New Project" from the home page and choose a title. This will open the MakeCode Arcade editor. At the top of the page, you will see a menu with options for Blocks, JavaScipt, and Assets.

Adding Coding Blocks

MakeCode Arcade comes with a set of tools that make it simple to get started programming your game. These blocks are split up into different categories such as Sprites (blue) Controller (dark orange) and Game (purple)

MakeCode Arcade also offers advanced block categories: Animation, Images, Functions, Arrays, Text, Console, and Extensions. To create a program, just drag out the commands you would like to use and stack them together in a sequence. If you accidentally drag out the wrong code block, just right-click on the block and then select the "Delete Block" option.

Hopefully, this guide gave you a quick rundown of what you need to know for coding with MakeCode. MakeCode Arcade is a great way to introduce kids to coding and programming.