Coding Technology & Programming Vocabulary

A Beginner's Guide

Teaching coding to your kids is much like teaching them another language. However, throwing too much at anyone learning something new can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s best to start slow. The following are 7 of the fundamental coding terms to get kids started with learning to code.

1. Programming Language

In programming, a language is made up of a vocabulary and a set of grammatical rules. There are several programming languages to choose from, such as Scratch, Python, Java & Blockly.

2. Application

An application, or app for short, is a piece of software that performs a certain function. This could really be anything, whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or desktop.

3. Algorithm

An algorithm is a set of instructions or rules designed to solve a certain issue. In terms of coding, a computer programmer will create an algorithm that directs the computer on how to accomplish a specific job in order to get the intended outcome.

4. Binary

A binary number is a computer's method of representing information. Computers process millions of 1's and 0's each minute, using various rules to interpret them as numbers, characters, operators, and anything else that is entered into a computer. All programming languages are built on this code.

5. Data Type

Because computers cannot distinguish between letters and numbers, computer programmers must define a data type. This is a classification of the types of data to which a variable or other object in a computer program can be assigned.


Loops are regarded as one of the most fundamental and powerful concepts in programming and are something that most children will quickly grasp. Loops in programming allow you to repeat anything again and over. The loop will continue to check and perform until a defined condition is met.

7. Bug & Debugging

A bug is an issue in your software that either prevents your code from running or allows your code to run but does not perform as expected. While debugging is all about finding problems and executing debugging solutions is also an excellent exercise for developing problem-solving abilities outside of coding.

I hope this guide helped you and your kid learn the basic coding and programming terminologies. Our goal is to help students and kids innovate with coding, robotics, and programming!