Git and GitHub for Kids

What are the Benefits?

What is Github?

GitHub is a place where parents and kids can find lesson plans and activities that make coding fun, engaging, and easy for kids to learn as well as showoff their own work.

How Does GitHub Works?

Before teaching kids GitHub, teachers must understand it fully. Programmers and software developers use GitHub, a web-based programming platform. Young programmers can also learn and share ideas on it.

What is Git?

GitHub is called "Git-Hub" because it uses Git. Git is open-source. Distributed version control software lets developers and other users make countless changes to repositories without altering the original repository.

Benefits of GitHub: It Promotes Independence

GitHub is an online platform that encourages users to learn by doing. The list of all the amazing things you can do on the platform is endless!

Benefits of GitHub: Transparency of Activities

This is beneficial to not only kids but their instructors as well. GitHub operates on an open-source system, so everything you do is visible to the entire community of users.

Benefits of GitHub: Share Your Work

Kids can kickstart a career as a programmer or software developer from GitHub. There are millions of users on GitHub and one has a higher chance of getting noticed by people.

Benefits of GitHub: Encourages Participation

GitHub is an interesting platform that encourages participation from users. Since GitHub helps teachers to keep track of their students’ activities, kids have no other choice than to stay active.

Is GitHub okay for kids?

GitHub is a web-based programming platform useful for anyone, including kids. The recommended age for kids to learn how to code on GitHub is from 13 years and above.

GitHub is a great platform for kids and anyone at all to learn to code! There are numerous things that kids can achieve by coding GitHub.