Empowering Girls in Stem

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Today, more women are now involved in STEM more than ever. In this post, you will learn everything about teaching little girls computer science and empowering them to code, as well as how to get girls into computer science and coding.

Era for Girls and Stem

The 21st century is an era for girls and STEM. With the influx of young girls in STEM, the future will be occupied by a more significant number of women.

Growth of Stem for Girls

The following are steps parents and educators need to take to ensure the growth of STEM for girls.

1. Early Exposure to Stem

The best way to make a child follow a particular career path is through childhood exposure. Exposing girls to computer science, math, and technology in the classroom will help develop their interests in those fields and encourage them to build their careers in STEM.

2. Participation in Workshops

Young girls can connect with female role models in STEM to serve as a motivation that women can thrive in tech. Girls can also connect with female mentors who will guide them through their chosen fields.

3. Build Gender Equity and Confidence

Educators need to build self-confidence in young girls to destroy the ugly narrative that the difficult subjects are meant for boys alone. Young girls need to understand that their only limitation is their minds and that they can also be empowered to succeed in whatever STEM career path they choose.

4. Getting Girls into Computer Science & Coding

Educators need to empower young girls to code in order for them to participate in the STEM world, which is dominated by men. To change this stereotype, girls need to be equipped early enough to develop their confidence and motivate them to pursue careers in STEM.

Is Computer Science a Good Career for Girls?

Just like any other subject, computer science is a perfect career choice for girls. Computer science jobs are highly needed in our society, and people with computer science and coding skills earn a significantly higher price compared to those in other non-technical fields.

The narrative is changing, and young girls need to be empowered to achieve the unusual- choose a career in STEM. The idea that engineering, scientific, and technological fields are only meant for guys hardly holds water today. Parents need to encourage their girl-child to develop interests in STEM.