Easy Minecraft Commands Kids Can Learn

Learn fun and easy Minecraft commands for kids at Coding Ideas with Kids! This helpful guide introduces simple commands to enhance gameplay.

Minecraft Command Codes

Minecraft console commands help players navigate the playground quickly. These codes range from basic to technical. The following are the top basic Minecraft commands for you to use

Kill Command

Did you know that it's easy to take someone out of the game with a simple command? Just type /kill and the name of the player you want to kill, and you're done.

Change The Weather

Type /weather in the chat box to rapidly change the weather. This command requires a specific action, though. After typing /weather, click on the space bar to view weather alternatives like clear, rain, thunder, cloudy, and question.

Apply or Clear Effect

This applies to everyone on the playground, including yourself. Examples are instant_damage, health_boost, haste, and bad_omen.

Change Difficulty

Choose tranquil, easy, normal, or hard. In your chat window, type /difficulty and the desired difficulty. Minecraft has easy, moderate, tranquil, and hard difficulties. To go to hard difficulty, type /difficulty hard and press enter.

Change The Time

Another overlooked flex is using Minecraft commands to change time! Enter /set time midnight in your chat window to enter midnight mode. /add time 1200 increases the current time.

Give Player Item

Do you need a certain item? Use the Minecraft command code /give <player> <item> (and/or quantity) to instantly give the player that item. This command is useful, especially in dire situations.

I hope you learn these easy Minecraft commands from Coding Ideas with Kids! Enhance your gaming experience and unleash your creativity in the virtual world.