Comparing Kiwi Crate and Little Passport:

Which is the Best Subscription Box for Kids?

Learn how Kiwi Crates and Little Passport can help encourage your kid's inventiveness and curiosity early on!

Kiwi Crates delivers your child a box with all the materials and instructions required to complete a fun and educational activity each month.

What is Kiwi Crates

The crates are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 16, and are tailored to different age groups and interests

Kiwi Crate Age Interest

Kiwi Crates help kids be creative and think outside the box. Open-ended crafts allow kids to add their own touches.

Kiwi Crate Benefits

Little Passport is another famous service that sends fun and educational activities to kids every month in a package.

What is Little Passport

The packages are geared toward kids aged 3–12 and their interests.

Little Passport Age Interest

Little Passport promotes global education. Children learn via hands-on, participatory activities.

Little Passport Benefits

Kiwi Crates are more focused on hands-on projects and STEM learning, while Little Passport is more focused on geography and world culture.

What's the difference?

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