Coding Toys

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for 11 years Old

Coding Toys

We know screenplay harms kids' eyes and minds. Coding toys are great for kids who wish to learn to code without a screen! Screen-free coding toys are popular and great for 11 years old.

Best Coding Toys for 11 Years Old

Programming can improve your child's problem-solving, creative, logical, and technical thinking. The following are coding toys that can help improve 11 years old coding skills.

Play My First Coding & Computer Science Kit

This coding toy is ideal for kids who want to start coding or enhance their skills. This package of 30+ tools, ingredients, and parts will provide hours of educational fun at home or school with a fun and easy instructions book.

Squishy Circuits Kit

This unique coding toy has an electronic circuit kit for children that uses modeling dough that is both conductive and insulating to teach the fundamentals of electrical circuits engagingly. You can bring your ideas to life with the LED lights, motor, and buzzers in this electric science kit.

Sphero Bolt

Your 11-year-old can be creative and learn with Sphero BOLT, a programmable robot ball. Sphero lets your child or you learn programming, practise hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community.

Kano Starwars Coding Kit

Stormtroopers, lightsabers, X-wings, and this cool Star Wars feature are present with this coding toy by the most award-winning company – Kano. Pop the parts out of the package to use and learn from this kit.

Hacker Cybersecurity Code Game

Aren't cybercriminals smart? Join the Oblivion white hat hacker squad to fight crime! This gamification-based board game teaches kids coding and cybersecurity.

Code Master Programming Logic Game

ThinkFun's computer science board games are fun and educational. Your 11-year-old will learn programming, sequencing, problem-solving, and other STEM concepts while playing with this STEM toy.

The coding toys featured in this blog will assist in the development of problem-solving talents as well as the capacity to think creatively, logically, and technically in your 11-year-study old's of computer programming.