Coding Games

for Kids to Learn Python


Python is text-based programming and has been considered the easiest  programming language for kids. With Python games for kids and other  instructional guides, kids can emerge as pros in the coding sphere.

Best Way for Kids to Learn Python

The best way for kids to learn Python is through games.  Gamification keeps the fun going for kids always. Unlike other  conventional methods, kids do not have to bother with memorizing the  syntaxes and processes of coding.

Top Python Games for Kids to Learn Coding

The following are the top games for kids to learn how to code. The games are easy to follow and allow kids to learn at their own pace.

Check iO

Check iO is web-based and kids can log in to play freely. The levels of  difficulties vary, and kids can begin from their desired levels. The  game is mostly text-based but packaged with fun activities to keep kids  glued to the game.


Codewars is a suitable coding language for kids aged 9 years and above.  Learners are challenged with varying exercises called “Kata”. There are  up to 8000 available Katas for kids to choose from. Kids can also  interact online with other programmers on Codewars.

Snake Game

It can be quite disappointing when you lose a game and have to start  all over again just because you miscalculated or weren’t fast enough.  Kids can enjoy the thrill of building their own snake game from scratch.  They can customize the snake whichever way they want- move the snake,  set the boundaries, limits, and many more.

Code Monkey

This is one of the best games to teach Python coding to kids. Code  Monkey is a web-based learning platform that builds kids expertise in  coding. Kids aged 8 years and above can use Code Monkey.

Patterns & Designs

Patterns and designs in Python are wide and the possibilities of what  kids can create are endless. Kids can also use loops and functions to  create advanced concepts like houses, characters, plants, ideas,  animals, and many more!

Python programming is broad and offers diverse ways for kids to learn. Python programming is broad and offers diverse ways for kids to learn.