Best Platform to Learn Coding for Kids

Honest Review from a Non Coding Parent

What is a Coding Platform?

A coding platform is an environment that programmers use to write code. There are many coding platforms available online where any beginner in programming can learn. However, every coding platform has its benefits and drawbacks, which might differ significantly depending on the project at hand.

If you want to make coding more enjoyable and creative, there are a variety of coding programs/coding platforms that you can use, and many of them are even free. For kids under ten years of age and under, the following are some of my absolute favorite tools to use.


MakeCode is a powerful coding platform developed by Microsoft. A free programming platform, it also runs on all platforms and browsers.


Scratch is educational for programming developed by MIT. Scratch is free and can be downloaded as an app or used in a modern web browser or a website platform.

Google CS

Google CS, also called CS first, is another beginner and user-friendly coding program for grades 4 through 8. It is also a free program that introduces kids to computer science through video lessons and modules.

Other Coding Platform for Kids

- Root Coding - Code.Org - Spritebox Coding

Other Coding Platform for Kids

- Code for Life - Blue Bot - ScratchJr (K-2)

Other Coding Platform for Kids

- ScratchJr (2-12) - Codeable Crafts - Cork the Volcano - Puzzles

Learning basic coding may be complex and complicated; however, with the right resources, it can be fun too! Not only will you get knowledge of Coding or programming itself that you can use today for your career or your kids future. I hope you grab the opportunity to learn coding for free using these best platforms to teach your kids.