Best Mobile Apps for Kids to Learn

If you're looking for a mobile app for kids to use on a phone or tablet, here are some that teach coding. These free and paid apps could engage your kids in coding.

Code.Org has everything coding-related. This app has fun activities that challenge students at their own pace. Their instructional tools include Minecraft, Star Wars, and Disney.


Kodable is a space-themed coding game for K-5 students. This app teaches programming with visual tutorials and steps. Kodable teaches basic and Javascript coding.


Lightbot is an iOS and Android puzzle game that teaches coding. Programming Puzzles, Code Hour, and JR are Lightbot games.

Box Island

Box Island teaches kids programming with stories. This app's beautiful visuals, animated boxes, and 3D gaming environment will captivate kids who prefer video games.


Tynker captures and holds kids' interest when it comes to STEM subjects. They made coding fun and relatable by using engaging content, tailored assignments, and popular platforms (such as Minecraft and Lego WeDo).


ScreenPlay is a mobile app that teaches kids to code. ScreenPlay lets users include riddles into performing sequences and program characters to go to a specific stage position. They'll face code-challenging challenges as they travel.

Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr was inspired by the Scratch programming language. This app's drag-and-drop interface and colorful characters make early coding logic easy to grasp.

The apps make learning to code easy, engaging, and fun. I hope this list of Mobile applications for kids coding helps you select what to use/buy for your kids to start coding.