best typing apps for kids

Learn How to Type!


Typing is a necessary part of learning these skills, and choosing the best typing apps for kids makes the learning process interesting and fun for kids.

Typing Apps for Kids

Typing apps for kids are divided into three levels- beginners, intermediate, and expert. Some typing apps, however, have all three stages in them. Kids with zero experience can start from the beginner's level and progress, while kids who have existing knowledge about typing can jump straight to the expert level.

Importance on How to Type Properly

- Typing helps to sharpen kids’ brains. Learning how to type also prepare kids for the future - Typing also boosts kids' writing skills.

Typing Apps for Kids

Typing apps vary based on the target users. The following are  some of the 15 typing apps for elementary school kids.

Dance Mat Typing App

This is a free typing app designed to teach kids the rudiments of typing through lessons, games, and milestones. The lessons are divided into four levels, each of which is a progress of the previous

Animal Typing

This typing app uses a gaming method to teach kids how to type. It has an animated keyboard on the screen with a hand that points to the next key to press.

Ghost Typing

Ghost Typing app is suitable for kids of all ages, including pre-kindergarten. There are many typing games for kids on the app and they can learn at their own pace. Here. kids will learn how to type fast to eliminate the ghost before it gets too close.

Type Type Resolution

This typing app is best recommended for kids who are skilled in typing. Here, they can select one of the songs on the app to vibe to. They will finger dance to the song and learn fast typing and keyboarding in the process.

Typing apps for kids are super great for teaching typing for kids. Rather than the conventional learning method of learning how to type, kids can have fun, challenge their limits, and learn at an even faster pace.