AWS Robomaker

Overview for Students and Kids

Learn more about AWS RoboMaker, a groundbreaking platform that brings robotics education to students and kids. Discover how this platform revolutionizes robotics education in this overview.

What is Amazon AWS Robomaker?

The AWS RoboMaker is Amazon Web Services' newest tool. It makes it easier to build, deploy, activate, and maintain robots and robotics apps without having to manage any infrastructure.

How to Use AWS RoboMaker

It's pretty easy to get started with AWS RoboMaker, and the following is a short guide on how to use it.

Step 1

Set up your account with AWS. Start by going to the signup panel.

Step 2

Configure your AWS account. Before designing and distributing apps, this is essential. Install Identity Management and learn about security.

Step 3

Set up RoboMaker IDE. To do this, open the RoboMaker module to get started.

Step 4

Go to the menu, and click on run. Then, add or edit configurations.

How to Build Robots in AWS RoboMaker?

Sign up for AWS RoboMaker console, pick development, then robot applications to build and activate robots. Follow the instructions to develop your robot app version.

I hope you learn and explore the transformative potential of AWS RoboMaker for students and kids in this comprehensive overview.