Amazing 3d Projects

for Kids

3D Projects for Kids

There are so many ways to explore with a 3D printer. Learn them on this post!

Chessbot Monster

ChessBot, a free, printable model, can help your kids master the game. The 3D chess set turns into action figures.

Earbud Case

Parents and other learning aides can assist kids make a 3D earbud case to prevent tangling and destruction.

Zip Toggles

This 3D zipper toggles protect your dress, jeans, bag, and other jean-wear. It is an easy-to-make 3D household object.

Pencil Holder

The customized pencil holder organizes your desk and protects your pencils and pens. Kids can print a 3D design or create one.

Toolbox for Kids

The toolbox organizes toys, miniatures, and other small tools. Construction, engineering, and 3D printing can be taught to kids.

Smartphone & Tablet Stand

This project is difficult and only for older students. Variations, designs, colors, and sizes make this project flexible.


3D printers enhance house and garden beauty. Replace these fantastic 3D planters with standard ones and watch your home come alive!

I hope in this blog you learn easy 3D printer projects for kids. Unleash creativity, explore STEM concepts, and have fun with hands-on printing!