3D Printing Toys to Make

3D Printing Toys to Make

Learn about the 3D printing toy business, as well as the best 3D printing toys for kids to make.

How to Make Money by 3D Printing Business

By Family & Friends, Selling on Amazon, Etsy and Fiverr Services

3D Printed Toys to Make

The following are the top 3D printed toys for you to make.

3D Pangolin Toy

Amao Chan inspired this wonderful 3D toy. He created it to help endangered pangolins.

Pokemon Chess

The 3D Pokemon chess toy is a combination of chess and pocket monsters (pokemon). It takes players on a whole different level and is an amazing 3D printed educational toy to make.

Collapsing Toy Swords

Just as the name implies, you can dismantle and assemble your sword at will. You can also print some of the designs all at once, saving time and energy.

Two-Winged Flexi Dragon

This is a cool 3D toy for kids to make. It is a bit complex, and not recommended for kids below the age of 10.

Raspberry Pi Notebook

Kids will love the idea of transforming their raspberry pi into a tiny computer. With a Pi and the PiTFT screen module, you can make a mini Raspberry Pi notebook.

I hope you learn 3D Printing and How You Can Make A Business With It!