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Business Ideas for Kids

3D Printer Business for Kids

3D printers can help kids start several tiny businesses. Get guided on starting a 3D printing business and the best 3D printing business ideas for kids. in this post.

3D Products

Selling 3D designs online is excellent. Selling to relatives and friends is profitable, but selling online gives you a wider audience and more sales.

Online Platforms to Sell 3D Products

- Amazon - Fiverr - Etsy

3D Printer Technology Tips and Tricks

Here are some recommendations to help you sell and save costs if you're beginning a 3D printing business.

Maximize Reach

Expand globally for 3D printing success! Utilize Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Fiverr to gain experience, money, and make massive sales beyond your local community.

Rent 3D Printer

Rent out your 3D printer for events! Charge per hour/day. Protect your printer with terms and conditions. Reach beyond your local community for more customers.

Offer a Specialized 3D Printing

Profit with your 3D printer! Cold email engineering, architecture firms, toy/jewelry makers. Offer affordable customized designs to friends/family too.

Best Tip to Start a 3D Business

Fearless kid in 3D printing? Start small, step-by-step. Ensure profit, research trends. Involve supportive parents. Create amazing designs. Be a badass!

I hope in this blog you learn awesome small business ideas for kids with a 3D printer. Unleash creativity, build skills, and make money!